Friday, January 16, 2015

Photojournalism and Its Role in the Fine Art World

Photojournalism and Its Role in the Fine Art World
Photo la 2015 panel, Sunday, January 18   11:30 - 1 PM

Once relegated to the front pages of newspapers, images created for photojournalistic purpose can now be found among collections belonging to prestigious institutions and discerning collectors throughout the world. Creative Consultant Debra Weiss leads a discussion that will explore the shift in perception of this incredible and important photographic genre. Join Debra and guests for what promises to be an informative and entertaining conversation.

Moderator: Debra Weiss, Creative Consultant


Sara Terry: Photographer, Founder and Director, The Aftermath Foundation
John Bailey: Collector, Cinematographer & Director
Sid Monroe: Gallerist, Owner Monroe Gallery, Santa Fe

Tickets - $10

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