Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hank Walker: JFK and RFK, 1960

John and Robert Kennedy, Los Angeles by Hank Walker
© 1960 Time Inc

La Journal de la Photographie has been running a series of excerpts of interviews with several Great Life Photographers. This photograph is a particular favorite of ours.

"At the 1960 Democratic Convention, where everybody was shooting pictures like crazy, I was doing a story on Bobby Kennedy. The morning after Jack was nominated, we went up to his room. The brothers talked very quietly, and Jack told Bobby he wasn’t going to choose Walter Reuther for Vice President. I only made one picture in there, and then I waited outside for Bobby to come out. When he did, he was furious. We were walking back down the stairs, and Bobby was hitting his hand like this, saying “Shit, shit, shit.” You know, he really hated Johnson. "

(Interviewed September 29, 1994. Excerpted from: John Loengard, LIFE Photographers: What They Saw, Boston, A Bullfinch Press Book, 1998)

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