Monday, March 28, 2011

International Pillow Fight Day

Beatles Pillow Fight, Hotel George V, Paris, 1964
Harry Benson: Beatles Pillow Fight, Hotel George V, Paris, 1964

Via the Los Angeles Times

Offbeat Traveler: International Pillow Fight Day

If you have the urge to hit someone, show up at Pershing Square on April 2 with a pillow for International Pillow Fight Day. When the air horn sounds at 2 p.m., watch the feathers fly, not just in Los Angeles but in almost 100 cities worldwide.

The basic rules for this free event include using only soft pillows, swinging them lightly and not swinging at someone who doesn't have a pillow. There is no set end time for the event, but participants are asked to help with cleanup once the pillow fight has concluded.

Los Angeles <br />2 p.m. <br />Pershing Square<br /> <a href=""></a>

International Pillow Fight Day

( Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times )
Los Angeles
2 p.m.
Pershing Square

Full list of city websites and slide show here.

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